Without a doubt, one of the main characteristics of geodesic tents, geodesic domes or fulldome, are the immersive projections, 360º projections of mapping contents or contents previously adjusted as in any other video mapping projection that we have been able to see in facades.

The main difference between making a video mapping on a façade and a geodesic dome is precisely the particularity of geodesic tents of being an immersive 360º environment, which intensifies much more the sensation transmitted by 3D contents.


This type of projections are usually used for product launches, roadshows, exhibitions and any type of event that takes place in a geodesic tent.

The examples we incorporate in this post are examples of electronic music events:

Another of the differences between a video mapping projection on a facade and a geodesic tent are the contents.

While in a video mapping for facades the format of the contents is a rectangular video, 16:9 and similar, for a video mapping in a fulldome or geodesic dome, the contents are in a circular format.

It is really a square format, with a circular mask that helps in the adjustment of the contents.


This type of geodesic space is an ideal setting for this type of audiovisual effects, either in an electronic festival environment or in more conventional events.



In this reel we can see contents destined not so much to Electronic Festivals but to more conventional events.


Full Dome (Omnimax) single shot 4K timelapse samples



Last but not least, it is important to highlight and show how the contents recorded with 360º cameras are shown in this type of geodesic domes.

In this video we can see a timelapse projected on a fulldome.

The possibilities of using own contents to project them in a geodesic tent are innumerable.

The 360º contents are used a lot in events such as virtual reality glasses contents. These devices only allow individual visualization, while the projection of a geodesic dome allows group visualization, depending on the capacity of the geodesic tent.



We will be updating the information little by little and shortly we will upload to our website a video presentation of this product.

Whatever the theme of the event, without a doubt, the immersive 360º projections or immersive video mapping, as you have seen in these examples, are a spectacle in themselves and will give a unique touch to any event.

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We hope you liked these examples.

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