We reserve the right to approve comments on a case by case basis.


The unfortunate truth is that some people have used blog comments for their own means.

On some rare occasions people have used comments to harm the reputation of other people and brands.

Some people have done this even after a customer service issue has been resolved completely.

Not cool.

Then there are those that just keep submitting spam comments – and that’s just annoying.

So we have to be careful about which comments we approve and for that reason all comments are moderated.

Some are instantly flagged as spam by our commenting software but to give you an idea of what would stop a comment from being published, below are some specific criteria:

  • Abusive/hateful comments
  • Rants
  • Spam
  • Affiliate links
  • Hiding your real name – unless you use a Disqus account with a username
  • Self promotional – e.g. name dropping, plugging your own tools, or linking to your own website (we may make an exception if your comment adds a lot to the discussion)
  • Using a false email address
  • Submitting identical comments to other posts on this blog or any other
  • Submitting irrelevant comments that clearly show you’ve opened a post and submitted a comment without reading the post

We welcome feedback and we appreciate it especially when it’s constructive – this allows us to improve our content and help other readers.

The above guidelines are in place to protect everyone.

That means us, you, other members of the community and even those outside of the community.

Ultimately they help to ensure that Blogging Wizard remains a positive, welcoming and helpful environment for other bloggers in our community or those who wish to join it.

Note: we reserve the right to update this page without notice.

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