Why choose a Geodesic Dome

Geodesic domes are some of the most fascinating structures in engineering. For their simplicity and robustness, they represent an ideal solution for a planet with the dilemma of not having a home and represents a perfect solution in which to hold different events beyond the recurring spaces where events are usually held.

Developed by the illustrious American thinker Buckminster Fuller, here are some of the advantages of these structures:


Spherical structures have the best volume-surface ratio.
The spherical structures, built with triangular frames such as geodesic domes, generate the strongest possible structure with the minimum amount of materials used.
Each time the diameter of a dome is multiplied, its surface expands to square power and its volume is boosted to the cube.
That means that if we double the diameter of a dome, we get eight times more enclosed volume, but only double the outer surface.
In homes, building a dome concentric to another dome allows to reduce heat losses in half.

One Dome for every need

What advantages do they have over other types of tents?

We have geodesic domes initial advantages  that other geometries in modern architecture do not provide.
If you post that:

– They have an attractive and contemporary design.
A clear interior where the absence of corners and columns allows you to take advantage of the space, conveying the sense of spaciousness and versatility options.
Optimization of materials compared to other forms of traditional architecture that represents less expenditure of material to build it.
It provides a safe, light and resistant structure working in a coordinated way.
An easy maintenance watertight cover.
Rapid construction and assembly in traditional or prefabricated systems.
Adaptable to the environment and easy to mimic.
– Economically viable

Main Features

Geodomes offers differents options to customize your space.

All that you can imagine fits inside Geodomes

Product Launches, Corporate Events, Promotional Tours, Multimedia Exhibitions, Sport Domes, Fashion Shows, Concerts and Music Festivals, Conferences, Green Houses, Glamping Domes, Glamping Camps, Dome Houses, …a wide variety of uses for a type of unique structures.