16 geodesic domes that will change your way of thinking about housing

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We rescued a very interesting post in  blog  showing us 16 superb examples of Domes used as houses in different parts of the world entry.

A great example of the wide variety of utilities that can be given to this type of structures, apart from the already very common as are unique and different spaces for an event., is a web page that explains how to mount Geodesic Domes wood and every so often offer courses assembly.

The owner, Mario Turegano has extensive experience in this type of geodesic wooden houses, apart from many different jobs that can be examined on its website.

Here are 16 examples of Geodesic homes detailed in his blog:


Sierra hot springs, California, Estados Unidos

It is a non-profit shelter located at the top of an enchanted forest. For centuries, Native Americans have considered this land as a place of sacred sanction. Inside the dome there is a hot spring pool.


Astronomic Hotel Elqui Domes, Coquimbo, Chile

Located in one of the most privileged places in the world to observe the firmament, this unique hotel is perfect for this, you can open the roof of each room-dome calmly observe the stars from the bed.


Amundsen-Scott Base, Antártida

This station is practically in the Geographic South Pole. It is the most southern place on the planet and since it was built in 1956 has been inhabited permanently. Its name honors Roald Amundsen and Robert F. Scott, the first to reach the South Pole in 1911 and 1912 respectively.


Hotel Kakslauttanen, Laponia, Finlandia

In a remote place such as northern lands, it is this hotel, where the rooms are glass domes to observe auroral from the bed.


Edén Project, Cornwall, Inglaterra, UK

It is an environmental complex of 50 hectares inspired by nature and sustainable development. It is composed of two greenhouses geodesic structure, each of which has a different biome.

In the humid tropical climates breed, it is the largest in the world tropical greenhouse. The other plays the hot, dry Mediterranean-type climates.



Ecocamp, Patagonia, Chile

These domes make shelter for walkers visiting the Torres del Paine National Park. They are nothing more than simple iron structures covered with a tarpaulin, but they achieve a comfortable interior.


Yoga Room, Asheville, Carolina del Norte, USA

In a lost place of the Appalachian Mountains, it is this spiritual retreat center, where the domes give that touch so create environments conducive to meditation.


Inside Geodesic Home, Rumanía

Luxury inside a dome.


Punta de Domos Hotel, La Serena, Chile

Located in Humboldt Penguins Reserve, perfect for sleep listening to the sea. Simple but cozy.


Whitepod Hotel, Les Cerniers, Suiza

Located 1500m above sea level in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It has 15 geodesic domes where you can spend the night with wonderful views. Despite the lightweight materials with a small stove it is more than enough to get warm.


Centro Institucional del Medioambiente, Sayo-Cho, Hyogo, Japón

It is a geodesic structure of 1,000 square meters, made of Japanese cypress wood. One feature of the domes is that large areas are conceivable without interfering columns placed in space.


Camping Other World, Sierra de Segura, Albacete, España

Next to the Sierra de Cazorla and the birth of the world River, it is this peaceful place, with several domes ferro, built by the owners of the campsite.


Casa rural Lompoc, CA, Estados Unidos

To spend a night blaring in a dome in the middle of a field of vineyards.

With a good structure you can build a strong and beautiful housing, any comfort that does not lack.



Dome in Zarzalejo, Madrid, España

With little budget and basic knowledge you can learn to build your own dome, adapting it to your needs.


Metallica Concert in Antártida

As bizarre news, there have to Metallica at the South Pole, playing for 100 chalaos with pasta, listening to his group with headphones to avoid disturbing the penguins inside a geodesic dome, below zero and winds between.


Although the construction of Geodesic Domes wood and for residential buildings is not our activity, in  Geodomes we welcome the existence of both companies engaged in the construction of such housing, as companies like Midomo conducting induction courses and Domed building or Geodesic Domes.

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