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Best 25+ Geodesic Domes ideas on Pinterest

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Geodesic Domes.

We show you some very interesting and differents ideas of Geodesic Domes that we have found in Pinterest.

Geodomes specializes in the construction, rental and sale of metallic geodesic domes, and many of the ideas we can find in Pinterest are wooden domes.


Geodesic tents in Pinterest

domos geodesicos pinterest

Our strong are metal geodesic domes but we can make any other type of geodesic shelters.

Geodesic domes are trending. Glamping domes, House domes, Event domes, … these structures are much cheaper than other types of event tents and offer a security and customization capability superior to any other type of tents.

In this page, you can find plans, schemes and different distributions that many customers have decided to incorporate into their geodesic tents.

Very interesting ideas that will help you to plan your own designs and select the necessary size depending on the utility you´ll need,  Glamping dome or  event dome.

Geodesic tents also have a sacred relationship, geodesic domes are intimately related to sacred geometry, based on one of the Platonic solids (the icosahedron), in their constitution are pentagons (associated with the pentacle) and hexagons (associated with Star of David, union between heaven and earth), the sphere confined in the geodesic dome represents the maternal womb, the matrix, a concept similar to that seen in tepees, rucas (Mapuche housing), yurk and other archaic constructions.


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