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Geodesic domes events.Dalmia Bharat Launch in India 2016

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Geodesic domes events. The Indian Cement Industry has perhaps witnessed the biggest launch of any brand. Dalmia Bharat Cement and Dalmia DSP Cement have entered the Eastern Market (Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand) with a bang — a series of launches that people will remember for years to come. Executed by Straightline Solutions, the entire campaign took place through June and July.

The brief from the client was very simple, yet very vivid, where the agency had to prepare and present concepts which were never tried before for any brand in India. The occasion — the Dalmia Bharat & Dalmia DSP cement launch in Odisha, and the Dalmia DSP launch in West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand


Dalmia Bharat and Dalmia DSP Cement were entering the Odisha market where Konark Cement (another offering from Dalmia Bharat Group) already enjoys a leadership position. The main objective was to make people aware that the mother brand was entering the market with new offerings.

After multiple rounds of pitches and the sharing of ideas by various agencies, the client gave the mandate to Straightline Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The choice was obvious because of the agency’s detailed understanding and knowledge about the brand. Straightline Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a 4 year old agency headquartered at Kolkata and with presence in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.


The grand launch events were preceded by a teaser campaign called ‘The Blueprint for Smart Odisha’, which ran for 10 days. Multiple activities were executed during this period. People were engaged and invited to share their Blueprint for Smart Odisha through an interactive canter activity, a cue card activity, a flashmob and mall activities. The entire campaign was aptly supported by other mediums like FM Radio, Outdoor and print advertisements. More than 1 million individuals voluntarily took part. The culmination of these activities took place just one day before the launch day, where platform number 1 of 8 major railway stations was blocked and a huge display board (300ft X 8ft) carrying various written opinions were displayed.


The main launch event took place at the Cuttack Indoor Stadium. It was for the first time that the general public were invited to witness the launch of any cement brand. Invitees were chosen by the company officials based on their opinions on ‘Blueprint for Smart Odisha’. The launch event was also attended by the glitterati.


Next was the launch of Dalmia DSP Cement, a premium product from Dalmia’s stable and very futuristic in nature.

Straightline came up with the idea of creating a geodesic dome and launching the product in a larger than life setup. Since the structure was not available in India, the dome was sourced from the spanish company Geodomes Immersive Experiences to Poland´s Domes Company through Straightline Solutions’ suppliers, where Polish engineers along with Indian labourers erected the dome in 48 hours. The dome was 25 metres in diameter and accommodated 400 people comfortably. A German engineer from Coolux was also deployed for the project. The setup and the ambience was divine, and people couldn’t believe what they were seeing.


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This event is an excellent example of what international collaboration can do for brand launches in India. The geodesic dome was used for launches in Kolkata, Patna and Ranchi. In addition to this, Singer Akriti Kakkar performed in Kolkata and Patna, while the gorgeous singer Antara Mitra entertained the Ranchi audience.

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