Design Week in Zagreb with domes

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Design came out to the streets of Zagreb.

The idea of the third edition of the Design Week in Zagreb, which ended on Sunday, was to reach every resident of the capital city and every tourist or passer-by. How? For the first time, the design went out into the streets of Zagreb and Zagreb was living for the design for six full days, reports on May 9, 2016.

With the mapping of the city, all the locations related to design were identified, including institutions, companies, stores, etc. The results of the mapping were published as the Zagreb Design Map. The central locations of the Zagreb Design Map were The House for People and Arts Lauba, as well as the neighbouring Hauba building.

About thirty partners of #tdzg2016 have prepared various events during the Design Week at their own locations, which were mostly located in the centre of the city. They involved anything from promotions of the new products and design to special discounts and cocktail parties. All the partner locations had the Design Week labels.

Meanwhile, in downtown Zagreb an information point was set in Cesarčeva Street, where a KingDome was set up for glamorous camping, or rather “glamping”. It was a place meant for promotions where citizens and tourists were able to see the best of Croatian design. KingDome is the first Croatian “glamping2 dome, a unique product with a luxurious geodesic dome. The author is a local company Kupole – Bolje Od Šatora (Domes – Better than Tents), and this project was implemented in cooperation with 12 Croatian furniture producers and the Dizz Concept architectural studio.

Design Week was also an opportunity for designers to connect with entrepreneurs and an opportunity to popularize design – of any kind and from any area of the world. For instance, this year an exhibition of Nordic design was held in cooperation with the partner-countries, including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. When it comes to other special events, in the words of Design Week directors Tina Marković and Daniel Tomičić, “one of the most important events in downtown Zagreb was the First Design Night, based on the popular Museum Night”.

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