One Dome for every need

Geodomes G150

The Geodome 150 offers 154m2 of flooring area, which can be arranged according to the customer needs and transformed into a bar, cafe, a restaurant or a small sports hall.

The durable, robust and reliable framework allows the suspension of additional equipment such as lighting or sound systems. When combined with different Geodomes structures the possibilities of arranging and extending the event are simply endless.

frontal 150 normal
frontal 150 trasparente
frontal 150 entero copy

General Features

  • Steel structure – hot-dip galvanized
  • White three-layered PVC membrane, OPAK type
  • Transparent or opaque front
  • One main entrance + up to 3 additional entrances
  • Different flooring systems: Premium Floor, Hexa floor, Coverfloor, Trackway
  • Steel anchors for tying the structure down or different types of ballast
iso 150 normal copy
iso 150 trasparente
iso 150 entero
frontal 150

Further Information

Flooring area: 154m2 | Diameter: 14m | Height: 7,85m

Standing: 230 persons | Row seating: 148 persons

Seated tables: 112 persons | Standing buffet: 125 persons