One Dome for every need

Geodomes G300

With its stunning size and design the Geodome 300 is ideal for all kinds of purposes – product launches, fashion shows, VIP lounges, corporate events, or even concert venues.

frontal 300 normal
frontal 300 trasparente

General Features

  • Steel structure – hot-dip galvanized
  • White three-layered PVC membrane, OPAK type
  • Transparent or opaque front
  • One main entrance + up to 3 additional entrances
  • Different flooring systems: Hexa floor, Coverfloor, Trackway
  • Steel anchors for tying the structure down or different types of ballast
iso 300 normal
iso 300 trasparente
iso 300 entero
frontal 300

Further Information

Flooring area: 283m2 | Diameter: 19m | Height: 9,5m

Standing: 445 persons | Row seating: 275 persons

Seated tables: 220 persons | Standing buffet: 265 persons