One Dome for every need

Geodomes G500

The Geodome 500 has a breathtaking space of 515m2 enclosed under a single geodesic dome. It’s an ideal solution for the most ambitious and exclusive projects. Thanks to its size (12,5m height), a trip inside this dome is like a journey to another world.

frontal 500 normal
frontal 500 trasparente
frontal 500 entero

General Features

  • White three-layered PVC membrane, OPAK type
  • Transparent or opaque front
  • One main entrance + up to 3 additional entrances
  • Premium Floor
  • Steel anchors for tying the structure down or different types of ballast
iso 500 normal
iso 500 trasparente
iso 500 entero
frontal 500

Further Information

Flooring area: 512m2 | Diameter: 25m | Height: 12,5m

Standing: 980 persons | Row seating: 600 persons

Seated tables: 440 persons | Standing buffet: 510 persons