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Geodesic Dome G150 in Mahou-San Miguel beer factory

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Geodomes installed a geodesic dome, model G150 at the Mahou-San Miguel Alovera Beer Factory, on the occasion of the presentation of their latest products.

The selected model, G150, with 14 m of diameter and 7 m of height served to make the presentation inside, accompanied by an immersive 360 ° projection.


geodesic dome in mahou-san miguel factory

geodesic dome in mahou-san miguel factory

A studied interior decoration served to create a spectacular environment accompanied by immersive videos that delighted the attendees.

For this occasion, the G150 was installed with an opaque white membrane and with Premium Floor, which was necessary to solve the problems of leveling, since the dome was located in a space that occupied part of pedestrian, sidewalk, and part of highway.

Thanks to the Prmium Floor system, the slope of more than 20 cm did not pose any problem when installing the Dome, and at the same time, respecting the immaculate aesthetics of the event, the Premium Floor served to keep hidden the concrete counterweights located In the interior of the same.


mahou-san miguel domomahou-san miguel domo










Undoubtedly, a different and attractive bet for the presentation of products in this case, in a private environment.

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