The membranes are highly durable, made of polyester fabric, which are easy to keep clean and resistant to scratches.

Membranes can be all white or in any desired RAL color.

All fabrics have certifications to fire-retardancy (such as M2 and B2).
There are 3 types of membranes available:

An opaque, black-out,
not translucent 3-layered type of fabric

With no transparents elements, it allows to create a complete darkness inside the dome, even during the day and let create a perfect ambient to combine Ilumination and video projections.

Moreover, it has thermal insulation properties which prevents the structure from overheating during sunny days.


Translucent PVC Membrane

Recommended to use if darkness effect is not desired. Perfect solution for projections and creative lighting effects to be visible from the outside of the tent.

frontal 700 entero

An opaque, black-out, with One-layered
Translucent PVC Membrane Front

This membrane has a transparent front section wich permits an interior view from the outside and a perspective from the inside.

An atractive visual solution for every event which let natural daylight inside the dome with all the benefits of the other 2 kind of membranes.


Safety and Resistance

The membranes provide a safe and weatherproof shelter in any climate conditions.

These Geodesic structures can be used all year round in just about any environment due to their high quality design and build.

They are produced from high quality materials resistant to high winds,rains and heavy snows.