Geodesic Domes Souk Okaz Festival in Saudi Arabia

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Five geodesic domes served as pavilions for ”OKAZ The Future Exhibition 2016” showcasing the ideas and products of the future and some new projects in all fields of knowledge: from technology, medicine & health, to energy, physics and many, many more.

Geodomes rented their model 500 Premium Floor System to a Polish Geodesic Domes Company to install in the main pavilion in Saudi Arabia.

About 40km northeast of the city, Souq Okaz stands on the same site as its ancient predecessor and features the annual Souq Okaz Festival. The location was once the cultural and economic center of the Kingdom. The festival runs for eight days each year and features cultural seminars, lectures, poetry readings, traditional dancing, Arab products and Bedouin handicrafts.



Souk Okaz is a unique tourist landmark in Saudi Arabia as one of the important sources of tourism market. The Souk was a historic destination with the same name held in the same place where the events of Souk Okaz are held today. Lots of tourists come to see the market as a historic landmark whose roots are entrenched deep into the past. This unique place still retains a fragrant history and glamour of its own. Here the visitors are bound to find a paradox of an ancient market combined with the modern technologies that are provided in the place of the festival. It’s authentic historical value and the geographic location was decided after studying the available antiquities in the valleys and mountains that surround it, and a large amount of documents are carefully analyzed to locate the market accurately and efficiently.


The importance of Souk Okaz right now lies in its being a poetic and artistic forum which was historically unique, where intellectuals and people concerned of literature and culture met. Visitors are made to understand the cultural values of this place through seminars and lecture sessions that bring to mind the glorious and authentic Arabs heritage, and especially through the Al Mo’alagat. Each version of the Souk Okaz celebrates one of the poets of Al Mo’alagat to underscore the heritage connection.



Souk Okaz offers many events and competitions and awards in the Arab world, covering a large area of artistic creativity, from poetry to art to photography, and calligraphy to folklore and crafts. Some of these competitions are: Okaz poet award, Okaz youth poet Award, Panel Award for poetry, Calligraphy Award, Photography Award, Handicrafts Award, Popular folklore Award, and the Award for creativity and scientific excellence.
Souk Okaz was the most significant and prominent of the Arab souks ever. During Jahilya (before Islam), it was a commercial market and social forum inclusive of all types of activities, and an annual meeting place for Arab tribes for a complete month. Tribes used to recite poems praising each other, treaties were singed and others broken. The souk was also a used for equestrian races and duels, an extensive commercial market visited by merchant caravans coming in from the Levant, Persia, Rome, and Yemen. It was a forum for awarding titles to poets, knights, tribes, and more .


“We will achieve our aspiration to be world leaders in building knowledge-based society and economy. We have cutting-edge resources: the human resources, the brains, and the youth who have taken steps forward and made outstanding achievements in the form of many innovations by entrepreneurs who seek to launch an institutionalized business.” (HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal)


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