Hula Hoop Geodesic Dome

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Hula Hoop Geodesic Dome

by Storefront for Art and Architecture is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a 26-day sequence of nightly events taking place beneath a lighted geodesic dome constructed out of white hula hoops. Built in Petrosino Park, a tiny sliver of green sandwiched between Soho and Little Italy, adjacent to the Storefront’s Kenmare Street location, the pavilion was designed by Korean architect Minsuk Cho and from a distance looks as if the moon has suddenly made a guest appearance in Manhattan.

hula hoop dome

Storefront founder Kyong Park and directors Sarah Herda and Joseph Grima have put together a program that mimics the organization’s opening series of events, which took place back in 1982 and was also called Performance Z-A. Architects, artists, writers, researchers, filmmakers, photographers and musicians from Storefront’s past QC will host 26 evening events including performances, concerts, open discussions, film screenings and interviews.

Full schedule of events runs through Oct. 11, here. More pics of the geodesic dome, here.

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