About Geodomes

Geodomes Immersive Experiences is a Spanish manufacturer of Geodesic Domes that provides worldwide rental and sale services as well as technical consulting for both Glamping Domes and technical equipment in Domes destined to the celebration of Events.

The product is undoubtedly one of the most novel, even though the American thinker Buckminster Fuller developed this system in the early twentieth century, it is today when architecture in these structures is at its peak.

Regardless of the materials used, the Geodesic Domes are hemispherical bodies based on Sacred Geometry. It is the same structure as a hemispherical body but assembled with triangles which is the geometry with more stability and strength for the fabrication of structures, with the peculiarity that the more number of elements make up the more resistant they become.

The interior surface has no pillars, which provides ample space in the interior without degrading the robustness and safety of the structure.

Nowadays it is not easy to find a great variety of unique spaces to develop events and presentations of products / services, beyond the conventional places, or  have temporary housing spaces that offer quality and comfort, as is the case of Glamping Domes and Geodesic Domes for events.

One of the main goals when it comes to developing any staging is to surprise the audience, and the space in which to celebrate it is fundamental to succeed.

That is why Geodomes Immersive Experiences offers a unique product, Geodesic Domes for Events, but if you need to expand a living space, Glamping domes are your choice.

Geodesic Domes with additional features and elements to achieve the perfect space for each client.

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