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G30: A30m2 | Ø6,2m | H3,80m

The smallest Geodesic Dome, the Geodomes G30, has an area of 30 m2 and offers a wide range of possible applications. Thanks to its relatively small size, it works surprisingly well in densely populated areas.

It is the perfect information point or back up area for an event sponsor. It is also an ideal complement to all larger Geodomes.

The format available includes white opaque membrane, Blackout, and white opaque ZIP door.

G50: A50m2 | Ø8m | H4m

The G50 model is the ideal space to install in the city and celebrate any type of presentation of products, launches and street marketing campaigns thanks to its 50m2 of diaphanous area, without columns or pillars that will facilitate the installation of all types of promotional elements.

A small geodesic dome with an opaque white Blackout membrane and PVC ZIP door with an infinite number of configurations inside.

Combined with other models, of greater or smaller size, it notably increases the exhibition area.

G75: A75m2 | Ø9,5m | H4,75m

The G75 is the largest dome in the category of “small” geodesic domes, without affecting the number of events that can be held inside.

A multifunctional space of fast assembly that attracts the attention in the center of the big cities.

It is also a perfect complement to larger geodesic domes and like these larger domes, the G75 is a sturdy structure and safe from inclement weather.

G150: A154m2 | Ø14m | H7,85m

The Geodomes G150 Geodesic Dome offers an area of 154 m2 which can be organized with a multitude of different configurations to host a large number of different events.

The intermediate size of this geodesic dome makes this space a perfect place for immersive 360º video projections.

Thanks to the optional extras available for this model, the transparent front will give a touch of elegance to any event that is organized inside.

Its structure, robust and reliable allows the suspension of additional equipment such as lighting or sound systems. When combined with different Geodomes structures the possibilities of organizing and expanding the event are simply endless.

G300: A380m2 | Ø22m | H11m

The 300 model is ideal for all kinds of purposes – a product launch, a VIP lounge fashion show, a corporate event, or even a concert venue.

With 380 m2 of diaphanous surface area, the 300 model is the ideal space for intermediate/large events.

If the G550 dome or the Geodomo Madrid space are too big for your event, and the G150 model is too small, the G300 model is undoubtedly the space that suits your needs.

G500: A560m2 | Ø27m | H13,4m

An impressive space of 560 m2 under a single geodesic dome. The ideal solution for the most ambitious and exclusive projects.

The Geodomes G500 model is the ideal pavilion for Corporate Events, Musical Events, Roadshows, Business Banquets and Dinners and of course immersive 360º video projections.

It is the largest geodesic dome in Spain and therefore the largest non-permanent immersive space in which to make immersive projections.

The size of its 5 accesses, allows the entry of large elements such as vehicles and scenographic elements. As it is the largest geodesic dome, it also has the highest load capacity at its rigging points for lighting and sound structures.

Recommended Applications

  • Fulldome 360º Immersive Video Projections
  • Product Presentations and Launches
  • Areas of Sponsorship
  • Information and points of sale
  • Roadshows
  • Corporate Events
  • Fashion shows
  • Banquets
geodesic domes rentals
geodesic domes rentals
  • Venues for festivals and concerts
  • Corporate Events
  • Cafés, restaurants, bars
  • Conferences
  • Permanent Venues
  • Multimedia exhibitions
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Trade fair pavilions
  • Trade fair booths
  • Chill-out halls
  • VIP Areas
geodesic domes rentals
geodesic domes rentals

We have complete Geodesic Domes and geodesic structures with surfaces between 30 and 515 square meters.

Geodesic Structures to hold any type of Event.

A functional solution that becomes an exceptional marketing tool in itself. Take advantage of what the extraordinary spherical space has to offer and transform your event into a unique and unforgettable experience.

Diaphanous spaces without columns or pillars with a multitude of possible configurations.

Geodesic Domes rentals for unforgettable and unique events. Unique Roadshows, Presentations, Video Projections, Stands, Led Domes…

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