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Geodesic Domes are unique hemispherical tents that have been gaining notoriety in recent years thanks to the boom in the events sector and recently in the Glamping or Tourist Accommodation sector.

The main characteristic of these structures is that they have an open space in which a multitude of layouts and configurations can be configured.

Domes are the most versatile and completely customisable event tents thanks to the 360º immersive or Fulldome projections.

The main market for Geodesic Domes is the events sector thanks to the unique characteristics of this type of marquees that give an extra to events.

Without columns or pillars, captivating due to their hemispherical shape, eye-catching when seen from a distance, with multiple customisation options and with the capacity to house unique audiovisual shows inside, they are the ideal structures for roadshows and exhibitions.


Geodomes Immersive Experiences is a Spanish company of Rental and Sale of Geodesic Domes, created by professionals in the events sector with the concern to create unique and different spaces to host different events.

With Geodesic Domes, we solved the need for a multifunctional space that could serve to celebrate all kinds of events with different configurations and at the same time, differentiate itself from the current spaces and standard tents for events.

We are Event Professionals

As professionals in the events sector, the Geodomes team has worked in the past with other types of tents for events, which has allowed us to select and improve the characteristics and properties of standard tents, such as gable tents or inflatable tents, to shape new structures that improve the safety and usability of the same event-oriented, while the audiovisual experience in live events for over 20 years, provide us with the necessary expertise to perform audiovisual events such as Fulldome shows.

Domos Geodésicos geodesic domes

 Geodesic Domes offer resistance and safety features that other types of tents cannot match, as well as the aesthetic, configuration and customization benefits that Geodesic Domes bring to any type of event.

Immersive 360º projections or FullDome projections, pvc cover branding, the spherical shape visible from a distance, eye catching, energy saving inside thanks to its own hemispherical design and its impeccable acoustics, are some of the features and improvements over other types of event tents.

Geodomes Geodesic Domes


There are numerous events that we have done with our Geodesic Domes, and all of them very different but with a common link, the spectacularity of the spaces.

Museum Installations, National Roadshows, International Roadshows, Exhibitions, Props in TV Sets or International Series, Corporate, Conventions, etc….

We advise you to help you in your event

What Event Agencies demand the most from us when organizing an event in a large capacity dome, is the installation of all the necessary elements to carry out immersive Fulldome video projections.

Undoubtedly, this is the most valued experience of those lived inside the Geodesic Domes.

Geodomes Geodesic Domes

When the purpose of the event does not include video projections, the second most requested element is undoubtedly the transparent front bay, which provides a different aesthetic to a projection dome, usually 100% opaque.

If you want some hints and tips, here are a few  Tips for organising events in Geodesic Domes.

Geodomes Geodesic Domes


The immersive 360º video projections, also called Fulldome Projections, is the most outstanding feature of the Geodesic Domes.

Thanks to its hemispherical shape, immersive inside, and the video projections with 3D content, the feeling of immersion is enhanced to its maximum exponent, turning every audiovisual event into a spectacle.

Domos Geodésicos geodesic domes

The Technique Behind Fulldome Projections

By using high brightness video projectors, and projecting 3D video content specifically made to fit in a hemispherical shape, spectacular immersive effects are achieved.

Thanks to different software, the final result can be previewed before any video installation.

With the audiovisual installation done, a 360º media server is in charge of making the necessary Edge Blending adjustments so that the final result looks spectacular.

Domos Geodésicos geodesic domes
Domo G30
G30 (D: 6,2m/H:3,85m/A:30m2)
Domo G50
G50 (D: 8m/H:4m/A:50m2)
Domo G75
G75 (D: 9,5m/H:4,75m/A:75m2)
Domo G150
G150 (D: 14m/H:7m/A:154m2)
Domo G300
G300 (D: 22m/H:11m/A:380m2)
Domo G500
G500 (D: 25m/H:12,5m/A:500m2)
Geodomes Geodesic Domes


Trust only experienced companies and make Geodomes your specialist provider of Geodesic Domes and Fulldome Projections.

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Geodomes Geodesic Domes

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