The geodesic domes with leds as background, stages or decoration elements are gaining importance thanks to the singularity of the forms with which, thanks to a good programming of light and video, give a unique aesthetic.

The Electronic Family Festival in Tallinn is a clear example of a different bet with a spectacular result.

In Geodomes Immersive Experiences in collaboration with Fluge, we offer our customers the possibility of having this article so unique in Spain.

A geodesic dome with leds with which your Music Festivals, TV sets (like the one used in Orbita Laike de TVE with one of our geodesic domes), or any type of private or corporate events in which it is important to give a singular and unique aesthetics.

For this we collaborate with Fluge, leader of the audiovisual sector in Spain with the largest stock of audiovisual equipment and LED tubes in the country.


In a previous article we already commented on the possibility of using this product as sets in music videos, as Ricky Martin and Jennifer López did in the music video “Adrenalina”.

At the Electronic Family in Tallinn, a year earlier, they used a geodesic dome as a stage with a different aesthetic.

Without a doubt, one of the Electronic Music Festivals that has bet more on this type of singular structures with a great result and aesthetic beauty.

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