The large number of visitors to the Innovation Tunnel, the Geodesic Dome installed in Plaza Callao has exceeded the forecasts of the Colegio de Caminos Canales y Puertos, organizer of the V Semana de la Ingeniería de Caminos de Madrid.

Specifically, 31,109 people visited this free exhibition, which showed pieces that represent the innovative capacity of Spanish road engineering.

To this figure must be added the participation of citizens in other activities such as visits to Madrid’s infrastructures, workshops and didactic and recreational activities for young people, as well as those attending the inauguration, a total of 33,100 people who have actively participated in this edition of Road Engineering Week in Madrid.

geodesic dome in Plaza de Callao

Innovation Tunnel

In the “Innovation Tunnel”, installed in Plaza Callao from Tuesday 1 to Sunday 6 October, models and elements of the Spanish road engineering of Acciona, Caleido, Centro Nacional de Seguridad, Distrito Castellana Norte, Dragados, FCCo, Ferrovial, Ineco, Metro de Madrid, Sacy, OHL and Alfonso Décimo el Sabio University have been exhibited.

The main element of this exhibition was the geodesic dome model G150 of Geodomes Immersive Experiences, with 154m2 of surface in which the different boots of the companies were installed.

In this 225 square metre exhibition space, visitors were able to contemplate, among other elements, a demonstration of how the oscillation of a skyscraper is controlled, a model of an intelligent city, real pieces of a cable-stayed bridge, facial recognition systems and a reproduction of the lighthouse of the Port of Valencia built with sustainable materials.

geodesic dome in Plaza de Callao
tunel de la innovación
geodomes immersive experiences

A Week of Innovation Made in Spain

Within the framework of this Road Engineering Week, more than 300 people also took part in the free guided tours of 21 infrastructures and control centres managed by Madrid City Council, Adif, Canal de Isabel II, Centro de Experimentación de Obras Públicas (CEDEX), Metro Madrid, Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT) and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), which are not normally open to the public.

These visits include metro station 4.0, the Loeches sludge plant, the El Pontón and Atazar dams, the CEDEX railway box, the Idom technology building and the Beti-Jai fronton.

During the Week, workshops have also been organized for children and young people to awaken vocations in this profession in which primary and secondary school students have actively participated.

geodesic dome in Plaza de Callao

In addition, a competition for ideas to improve mobility in the Vistillas area was promoted and music concerts were held with the participation of civil engineers.

These performances brought together hundreds of people as an audience in the Plaza de Callao on Saturday afternoon.

In this 5th edition of the Road Engineering Week held under the slogan “We innovate to advance” have collaborated more than 65 companies and institutions and King Philip VI has chaired the honor committee.

geodesic dome in Plaza de Callao
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