Bullet Time Cam is a system by which gifs are generated from photographs.

So far, everything seems quite normal, but if instead of taking photographs with a camera, we take them with 40 cameras arranged in a format of 180 º or 360 º, things change and much. Gif 180º and Gif 360º.


The effect that is obtained with this disposition of cameras, is an effect of freezing in the time an unforgettable moment, a Matrix effect,

In previous post we have talked about immersive video projections in geodesic domes, and geodesic led domes.

Bullet Time Cam seemed to us a very interesting product for events, in which to use this system as a playful and entertaining tool for any type of events and we were also interested in proposing a third option, being the first Bullet Time Cam 180º and Bullet Time Cam 360º, and is to introduce this system inside a geodesic dome.

The effect is created with the installation of multiple cameras and a software that allows us to join photos in sequence. We shoot all the cameras simultaneously, the photos are automatically converted into video and after a few seconds, they are ready to be shared on social networks and email through a tablet.

  • Dynamic 180º Photography
  • Up to 18 Cameras
  • Sharing using 2 Ipads
  • Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin

Up to 40 cameras and an application that transforms the images into a GIF are used to capture the photograph. The material generated can be sent to the user’s email, transmitted to a screen or shared live on their social networks.

  • Dynamic 360º Photography
  • Up to 40 Cameras
  • Sharing using 2 Ipads
  • Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin


This system was popularized in the Grammy of 2014, in which they used this system as a photocall, and the truth is that both the result and the repercussion were impressive.

The format used in this awards ceremony was the Bullet Time Cam 360º format  also known as Gif 360º or Glam Cam.


The Emmys have always been a launch pad for original installations of this type, such as pudimnos see in 2014 or more recently in 2017 with another system called GlamBot.

Specifically, this GlamBot system was also used at the Golden Globe gala:

Since then these systems are common in large events and awards especially in the United States, both the Bullet Time Cam and the Glam Bot.

Geodomes Immersive Experiences offers this Bullet Time Cam service for events held in Europe and provide a service that is common in other countries but not so much in European events.

Either of these two systems are a plus both visually and in terms of marketing tools both for the event that decides to incorporate these systems, as for the advertising brands.

If you are tired of including a photocall to use in all events and want to propose something more original, contact us, we can offer you both Glam Cam Gif 180º, Glam Cam Gif 360º as well as the Glam Cam Dome.


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