Glamping combines the emotions and experiences of camping with the comfort and performance of hotel accommodation.

“Without a doubt, we are immersed in great changes, and one of them will be our way of traveling, of living unique, unequaled and safe experiences.

The idea is simple, it is the glamping movement, which combines the emotions and experiences of camping, direct contact with nature, tranquility and adventure, with the comfort and performance of a hotel accommodation”, informs the promoters of the initiative in a press release.


“There are infinite structures in the glamping world, among them are tree houses, yurts, bubbles, tepees, igloos and geodesic domes.

The Casa Sani, is a holiday accommodation that has wanted to enter the glamping experience with the addition of a geodesic wooden dome.

And you may wonder what is a geodesic dome?

It is a dome that from a geometric form, in this case triangles, ends up forming a sphere, of great harmonic space, luminosity and made with natural and recycled materials like wood, glass or cork that transmits a special acoustic and thermal isolation”.


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Wooden Geodesic Dome, Skyview, Transparent front and much more ,…

“Its fully glazed ceiling and front will make you spend a night under our spectacular starry sky, while you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise, all without getting out of bed.

The exterior covering of this geodesic wooden dome is made of projected cork, which adds extra thermal insulation in an area where warm temperatures are usually constant throughout the year.

It has an outdoor jacuzzi and a fully equipped bathroom, as well as a small terrace and garden, where you can extend the hours between conversations, reading, tasting an exquisite basket of gastronomic products from our island, all together with your favorite person”, Casa Sani assure.

Casa Sani

“Casa Sani continues in its line of promoting an eco-sustainable tourism, beyond maintaining and taking care of their gardens in an ecological way, reusing rainwater and other materials, composting, recycling, having pets in total freedom, in a short period of time will have an installation of photovoltaic panels for the production of clean energy, direct and become 100% self-sufficient,” they detail.

From May 30th 2020, Canary Islands Day, “you can enjoy the glamorous experience, with capacity for two people, ideal for sharing special moments, such as anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations or gift cards”

More information on the website and social networks Casa Sani or AirBnb.