Since August, we have been thinking about the idea of creating a Led Dome and seeing the reception in both the European and Mexican markets.

We discovered in Youtube some videos of previous installations such as for example:


Installation with LED tubes


In this video, they use a geodesic dome with leds as the stage and background in a music video:

We decided to do a test with the MA2 Console and its 3D viewer.

The final result is nothing bad for a first approach to this product:

Our Demo Programming


This October, we will begin with a real installation to extrapolate this programming in a geodesic dome of Geodomes thanks to the collaboration of  Visualmax.

We’re excited to see the final result we’re going to make in Spain.

In a few weeks, we are also going to be very attentive to the result that our Mexican partners Movil Evolution are going to achieve.

Movil Evolution is going to recreate this same installation, but programming the contents with Unity.

We never imagined that this would be possible,

program led contents with the system used for Virtual Reality contents, Unity.

Other formats


Initially we are going to begin with this type of installation, with digital LED tubes and depending on its success, we plan to make our version of Dome Led illuminating the triangles.

This type of effects have been used previously in the Burning Man Festival, with a spectacular result:

This design is made by the company Light and Play who have made different installations using geodesic domes and LED lighting.

Take a look at their videos as they are really interesting:

Finally, although it’s not exactly what we’re working on, we want to share this impressive facility.

Interactive Led Dome:


We´re convinced that these types of products will be well received at corporate events, product presentations, and music festivals.

We´ll be updating the information little by little and shortly we will upload to our website a video presentation of this product.

Hope you liked these examples.

See you in our next post!!!