Dome Village at Souq Okaz Festival

The Polish Company Freedomes requested us our G500 model for the Saudi Arabia Taif’s iconic Souq Okaz festival where they installed almost 1800 square meters of geodesic domes later featuring Prince Khaled Al-Faisal’s official inauguration of the event, launch of interactive Wable TV device and the arrival of thousands of visitors hungry for innovation.

EMS Firm designed a dome Village, 5 interconnected geodesic domes, 4 from Freedomes and 1 G500 with Premium floor from Geodomes Immersive Experiences served as pavilions for ”OKAZ The Future Exhibition” showcasing the ideas and products of the future and some 20 new projects in all fields of knowledge: from technology, medicine & health, to energy, physics and many, many more.

Souq Okaz makes one of the major tourist attractions merging “the authenticity of the past with the allure of the present”.

On this special occasion, Saudi Arabia history and heritage meets modern tech.

The 10-day event is attended by more than 300,000 people every year, including renowned academics, writers, men of letters, intellectuals, poets and many other cultural figures from within the Kingdom and abroad.

Since we support innovations as much as we support great events, the 10th edition of the festival was one big thing we couldn’t have missed!

The dome village that we created nearby Taif featured geodomes connected by tunnels and equipped with Premium Floors, alu-glass doors, spherical projections, lighting and trusses for maximum appeal and functionality.

All seminars, lectures and exhibitions went swell.

Looking up to the future!