G 500 in Berlin Central Station Hauptbahnhof

Geodomes Immersive Experiences returns to Berlin on the occasion of the dual year between Mexico and Germany to install the Geodesic dome G500 Model as part of the Mexico “Live it to believe it” worldwide Roadshow.

As part of the official celebrations of Mexico’s Year in Germany, the interactive exhibition “Mexico Live it to Believe it” installed an interactive geodesic pavilion to show the importance of Mexican art and culture.

As part of the world tour that we have been doing with Mexico since 2014, Geodomes Immersive Experiences installed the Geodesic pavilion Geodomes G500 in Washington platz, next to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof Central Station.

The audience was able to experience various activities in virtual reality, interactive screens, 360º fulldome projection, holograms, and a long etcetera of activities that showed the impressive tourist and cultural destinations of Mexico.

More than 1200 square meters distributed in a geodesic dome G500, a hexagonal tent Tenso Carpa 10, a conventional tent of 15 m for the zone of restoration, a foodtruck and diverse Mexican typical artistic elements as Alebrijes.

Undoubtedly a spectacular Roadshow that has visited some of the most important capitals in the world and will continue to visit many other countries in the near future.