Geodomes in the bustling South Bank on the banks of the River Thames

Geodomes Immersive Experiences installs in South Bank, on the banks of the River Thames and near the City Hall of London, the Geodesic Pavilion of Mexico as part of the tour Mexico Live it to believe it

The pop-up took the form of an impressive white dome, housed in moments of London icons, located in the bustling South Bank of the city, on the banks of the River Thames.

Open to visitors of all ages, this captivating experience features a next-generation innovation that tells the story of Mexico using modern, cutting-edge technology.

Guests were able to feel the thrill of the rapids, fly over Mexico City and be transported to some of the country’s most famous sites and bustling cities through interactive 360-degree tours and augmented reality.

Also inside the dome was one of the world’s most unique works of art – The “Vochol” – a Volkswagen beetle decorated with more than two million beads – a feat that took 8 artists more than 9,000 hours of work to design and decorate.

Other exciting elements of the exhibition included:

Interactive touchscreens showing Mexican art through advanced 3D technology
A virtual wardrobe, where visitors could virtually try on the latest in Mexican fashion or traditional costumes.
Impressive visual presentations and audio narrations, using touch screens, to explore a variety of tourist offerings: Culture, Sun and Beach, Adventure and Nature, Business and Luxury.
A 360-degree virtual tour of the country’s 32 states, including archeological sites, bustling cities and world heritage sites, natural areas and magical towns.
A visual introduction to Mexico with a selection of 11 videos on a variety of topics including aerospace, automotive, creativity, sustainability, gastronomy, economics and more.
An interactive table that visually highlighted Mexico’s achievements in agriculture, the automotive industry, the silver industry and the creative industry, among others.

Geodomes Immersive Experiences was again in charge of installing the geodesic pavilion in the UK main city as part of the international roadshow in charge of promoting Mexican tourism.
Undoubtedly one of the most attractive roadshows of recent years and with a great reception of critics and public.