In 2014, B+V Arquitectos received a singular commission: to build a house on a plot of 2500 m2 using two geodesic domes. They were incorporated through a skirting board, multiplying their useful area, generating shaders and terraces and qualifying the interior through double height spaces. They designed this geodesic house using prefabricated elements and expanded the initial design by creating additional service areas, shaded terraces and even more usable spaces. It was a prototype for a generation of dwellings in different forms using a single operating element to meet a variety of climatic and spatial requirements. The house is located on the outskirts of the city of Santiago, in the commune of Lampa. It is undoubtedly an innovative project with a view to being implemented in other countries.


Located in a rural plot, it has ample views of the surrounding hills and an exuberant topography. Two prefabricated geodesic domes, 7.7 and 6 metres in diameter, were combined to address the issues of work plan reduction and reduction of vertical use that accompany native geometry. The architects solved these problems by introducing the plinth as the main operational element. This increases the height of the volume and multiplies the useful area. It also generated terraces and protected outdoor spaces, which helps to avoid excess radiation. .

+ B + V Arquitectos



They proposed to use these domes as elements that enter the natural light towards the interior, converting these domes into skylights.  

Other simpler housing options are Glamping Domes. In relation to costs, these structures are much cheaper than any other alternative with similar characteristics. That is why they are also a novel solution as Tourist Accommodation with features and customization that are revolutionizing the tourism market more and more. They are specifically designed for self-assembly, DIY, and can also be uninstalled at any time you want. At the moment, the legislation is very lax for this type of structures not being necessary permissions.


Different spaces to enlarge a hotel zone. Camping version 3.0. Particular spaces in which to include a glamorous detail that allows to obtain a unique and different place. Reading rooms, yoga rooms, butterfly houses or open-air rooms. Geodesic dome architecture is at its peak with exciting new initiatives. Glamping domes provide safety and shelter from the elements in all weather conditions. Fortunately, rural tourism is increasingly booming and differentiating itself from the competition becomes paramount today. Therefore, having different services and facilities is usually a good way to attract new customers.

Spending the night in a Glamping Dome becomes a unique experience without sacrificing comfort.